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Hi, I'm Ron!

And yes, my twin brother, Robert, is not amused by the name of my animation studio! But he's a dentist in another state, so, ..what's ya gonna do?...

What I do:

I work with clients to help determine their visual communications problems, and then design and create 3D animations and motion graphics, to help them fills their needs...

So, Do you have a stadium, and need a cola sponsored, animated race? Yes, I create those.

Do you need to demonstrate how your pharmaceutical product is metabolized by a liver cell? I can design a beautiful, yet medically accurate animation of that.

Do you need to fly through a model of your latest architectural design, to sell a concept or budget to community stakeholders? I have helped cities win bids to attract corporations to build there.

Do you need some simple spin animations of your product line of widgets and doo-hickies for your website, or trade show booth? Yes, big or small, simple or complex, I can bring your product to life with motion and color.

My Philosophy

I am a visual person. Some people think in words. I think in pictures. I dream in 3D wireframes, and always stay for the credits at the end.

I really enjoy researching and discovering how things work, so that I can best communicate a concept visually, in the simplest and most streamlined manner. If shiny and reflective and textured surfaces are visually important, then photo-realistic rendering is the way to go. If a flat-shaded block diagram will convey the idea better, then all the polish is overkill, and can sometimes confuse and distract the audience.

In the end, it comes down to what the objective is, and who the target audience is. Obviously, the animation on the big screen at a professional football stadium is going to have a different feel and tempo than what I design for a board-of-directors meeting, or an info-mmercial showing how the latest vacuum cleaner works.


Ron Ruff


This is where I am going to write some really interesting stuff, the next time I get a free moment between animation projects, and raising my best little buddy...

Next Steps...

I am always curious about new things and processes, and what makes things work. I would love to hear from you, and discuss your project. Let's get together in person, if possible, or set up a conference call, and just talk a bit about what you feel your needs are, and what you want to accomplish. Then, we can brainstorm, and figure out what your solution might look like. If that ends up being an animation project, then I would love to discuss the next steps. But if it looks like other mediums would be in your best interest, then you are still a step closer to your solution than before we started. I never try to persuade animation services on a prospective client, if animation is not the best way to go for their needs. My goal is to reach the best possible outcome for both parties.