Technical Visualization

Technological Visualization

Science, medicine, and engineering. The benefits of the “new and different” are all around us. Sometimes, going from ‘communicating’ on your side, to ‘understanding’ on the others’ side, is what prevents a game-changing idea from even getting into the game.

My job is to take your idea, to absorb it, to ‘interpret’ it, and to see it in my mind. Then I become your audience, and animate a story that they will feel and understand.


Sure, most of us can memorize facts, but for real communication and understanding to happen, there needs to be a story. When complex concepts are visually described as a metaphor, they don’t seem as intimidating. That is where I come in. I surround myself in your ideas, look at them from unique vantage points, and explore them. Sometimes it takes a comparison to a familiar concept to visualize the new. I look for ways that your ideas can be described in a story, and animated to communicate your concepts to the audience, helping to facilitate understanding.

You know, communicating science isn’t always just about flying through a cell or a machine or a building. Also critical to your story is the data, and it needs to be conveyed clearly in an approachable way.

I work with companies and communities, to help bring their visions to life through animation. I work to prioritize the most important concepts, and maybe help shed the frivolous. I strive to bring beauty, visual clarity, and technical accuracy to all I do.

I have the curiosity and experience to understand the science behind my clients’ technologies, whether it’s a new addition to the college law library, a demonstration of a new surgical device, or a 5 dimensional milling machine.

At Taller Twin, I will work with you to translate your complex message to a visual story, and bring it to your audience as an animated video that is easier to understand, and beautifully memorable.

Why Work With Taller Twin?

With my animation studio near Lincoln, Nebraska, I am able to provide tremendous value to my clients. Taller Twin was created with my desire of providing high-end, broadcast quality work that doesn’t cost as much as the big production houses.

I produce custom creative content. Each project is unique. …….

I can re-purpose model assets, ……

My business is focused entirely on 3D animation and motion graphics, not wedding videos, not web design and not equipment sales.

I have simple, affordable, pricing with no hidden fees. My prices are based on projects, not hours.

Unlimited rounds of revisions until I get it right. My goal is for you to be proud of your screen content!

Since every project is so different, please contact me for a project quote.