I am Taller Twin, and I enjoy creating big screen motion graphics for sports venues.

I have years of experience working in Sports animation. Let’s talk about just one aspect of designing for sports. Challenging aspect ratios.

Back in the day, all video was TV shaped. (640 by 480 pixels) In the 1990’s, sports arenas started installing big screens that used bundles of small CRT monitors stacked in arrays. They were crazy heavy, crazy expensive and very low resolution, typically about 240 by 192 pixels. Plus, they didn’t last very long.

Now, LED technology is used in the HD video screens found in stadiums and outdoor billboards. They typically employ one green, one blue, and one red Light Emitting Diode (LED) to form each pixel. These systems are capable of displaying live video and animations in the same way your home television can. Most designers today are used to working in a typical HD television16:9 aspect ratio, but now, depending on budget, and size constraints, a high school might have a 480 by 280 screen, and a pro team might have screen a few thousand pixels wide.

Fascia, or ribbon board displays are even stranger in their aspect ratio. A typical ribbon board may have a height of only 48 pixels with a width of over 10,000! This obviously creates some unique challenges when it comes time to animate content for ribbon boards.

I create original 3D fan interactives, sponsored races and games, intro videos, and stadium fly-throughs.

I have created dozens of animations for nearly every major sport in the U.S. Except lacrosse, and swimming.

Why Work With Taller Twin?

With my animation studio near Lincoln, Nebraska, I am able to provide tremendous value to my clients. Taller Twin was created with my desire of providing high-end, broadcast quality work that doesn’t cost as much as the big production houses.

I produce custom creative content. Each venue is unique. I can build content for any screen aspect ratio, from tall & thin screen bezels, to 10,000+ by 32 ribbon boards (fascia)

I proudly re-purpose model assets, and I can reuse animation parameters to save you money, if and when appropriate. Does it really matter if 3 teams in 3 different states have the same shuffle motions, if one uses baseballs, one uses football helmets, and one uses beer steins? I think not ...but, if you desire custom moves, by all means, let’s make them!

My business is focused entirely on 3D animation and motion graphics, not wedding videos, not web design and not equipment sales.

I have simple, affordable, pricing with no hidden fees. My prices are based on projects, not hours.

Unlimited rounds of revisions until I get it right. My goal is for you to be proud of your screen content!

Since every project is so different, please contact me for a project quote.